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Our management team has a combined total of over 50 years experience in managing and delivering a ready-to-work staff which specifically suits your requirements and time frame.
Our company was built around solving the problems of many employers, who need an elastic work force. When workloads increase, we can help you keep up the pace by providing ready-to-go temporary staff to complete tasks or finish a project on time. When the work is finished and the need for additional positions diminishes, so does the expense of the work-force. Our goal is to help you Strategically manage your labor costs thereby adding directly to your the bottom line.
StrategyStaff Corporation operates throughout New Jersey and with our NJ Regulatory Compliant transportation investment, we can deliver a ready-to-go workforce anywhere in NJ. We have a substantial list of satisfied customers and a ready pool of labor available at all times. Challenge us and watch us deliver.
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